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Vallejo Sánchez

“Without music,

life would be a mistake.”

- Friedrich Nietzsche




The Spanish pianist Hirginia Vallejo studied at the “Conservatorio Superior de Música Manuel Castillo” in Seville (Spain), where she got her Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance with Prof. José Manuel de Diego Rodríguez. In 2009 she obtained a Master degree in Music Performance and a Pedagogical Postgraduate, by the “Conservatorio Superior de Música Manuel Castillo” and the University of Sevilla.

Later she moved to Basel, where she studied at the Musik Akademie der Stadt Basel under the direction of Prof. Laszlo Gyimesi. There she obtained the Certificate in Advanced Studies in Piano Performance. Afterward, she continued studying in the Hochschule der Künste Bern, under the directions of Prof. Patricia Pagny, where she got the Master of Arts in Music Pedagogy.

Hirginia has recorded a DVD for the Regional Government of Andalucía and the journal Huelva Información. She also took part in the CD-production „Op. 1“ (Tasti’Era Projects) and recorded the music for the documentary “Frau Tovarich”, created by Israel L. Escudero. Due to her performance and academic career, Hirginia was awarded the “Mercedes Hidalgo Millán” grant in Sevilla for three consecutive years.

In addition to her solo playing, Hirginia enjoys deeply chamber music.  She performs regularly with the violinist María Ramírez (Duo Vayra).

One of her passions is teaching music. For that reason, she has taken many courses on pedagogic techniques, and also passed the official national exam to become a conservatoire lecturer in Spain. She presented her Masterthesis with the theme “Gruppenunterricht am Klavier” in the 32. Jahreskongresses der EPTA in 2015.

Hirginia lives in Basel and works at the Regionale Musikschule Sissach since 2017.




Franz Liszt - Op. 1 Nr. 9.mp3Hirginia Vallejo
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I have been always very interested in Pedagogics. When I was 14, I took courses on Orff Methods, fascinated by the art of teaching.

In 2009, I gave my first official lesson in Barcelona and since then, I have not stopped. One year after, I moved to Basel and I begin to teach in my own studio. In order to deepen my knowledge, I got a Master in Pedagogic in the Hochschule der Künste Bern HKB and also took several Yamaha courses. 

Nowadays, in parallel to my private studio in Basel, I hold a position as a piano teacher in the Regionale Musikschule Sissach.

I always try to adapt my lessons to every student. They receive high-quality music education, jointly with the motivation corresponding to their ages. 

I work hard to find the best learning curve for each student, looking always to find what fits better for each one. I'm a very patient person and we always work in a very enjoyable atmosphere. 

My studio lessons are individual and given in a comfortable room with a lot of material.
My students will also have the opportunity to participate in a yearly public recital where parents, relatives, and friends are welcomed. 

I also work closely with the Musikschule Basler Saiten. If you are interested in learning a string instrument such as violin, viola or cello, contact them here:



In her free time, Hirginia likes to use board games as a tool for integration. She and her husband founded the Board Game Basel Association in 2012.

At the same time, they also organize an annual event located in Basel to spread the benefits of the world of modern board games: BasGame.



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